Mobile App Design & Development Services

Digital presence in this mobile powered world

The world is going mobile with solutions on their fingertips, thanks to the vast space of mobile apps. These are mobile device-based applications can be native to the platform, for example, Android and iOS-based app, or it can be a hybrid app or a Progressive Web App (PWA) based on web browsers.

We, at Techyweb, have the expertise to strategize, design, develop and deploy your idea as a user-friendly mobile app for Android, iOS, cross-platform and PWAs with widely adaptive versions of the operating systems. We pay attention to the minute details so that the mobile app is always in accordance with the latest guidelines. We create the best Usability tested product for your users, communities, and businesses while ensuring High-end Security for data and code quality. We follow the fundamental process of wireframe-prototype-mockup-code-test-deploy with completely iterative implementation with strong communication and use of feedback to satisfy ultimate business goals.

A mobile app is an asset which the user holds in their devices and there are numerous apps trying to take that place, hence to make it worth, the app demands to be highly user-centric and user-friendly. Importantly, custom Design leaves a mark hence increase brand recall. The unique UI/UX of the app should cater to both, the user’s personal needs as well as your business needs.

We backed apps in different platforms


UI/UX design for iOS demands the app to be extensively user-friendly by being adaptive to native gestures and call-to-actions provided by the platform. Apps native to iOS have to follow very strict guidelines to maintain standards and we work with devoted compliance to reach the benchmark.

Android App

Android is the most popular operating system across the world hence leveraging the potential of this platform has become a must for businesses to reach a vast audience. We aim to design and develop adaptive and high-performance customized apps native to the android OS for all the device types, sizes and versions.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps, also known as cross-platform apps, are generally indistinguishable native apps, the difference, however, is in the code. Hybrid apps use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for the development of the app, which makes it easier to reuse most of the code in rebuilding the readable version, if not all. Hybrid apps can be downloaded from sources like Apple AppStores, Google Playstore, etc.


Progressive web apps are bidded to replace native and hybrid apps in the future because of reasons ranging from cost of development to accessibility from any remote device irrespective of the OS. Over-the-top, PWAs are indexed by search engine’s bots or we can say SEO-friendly hence it provides better opportunities for SEO marketing, content search and many others. Leveraging this new-age technology, we are ready to deliver apps and products for the next billion users from the internet.