Process of UI/UX Design and Product Development

Techyweb believes keeping the process user-centric makes it more efficient.

UI/UX Design process which seeks to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and deploy. The method consists of 6 phases—Explore, Analyze, Define, Design, Develop and Deploy and is most useful when you want to tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown.


The preliminary step is to explore and research the relevant domains. It is necessary as it creates a relationship with you and also gives us an understanding of the problems and also helps us identify existing gaps in your domain and gain an empathetic understanding of you and your goals. This will ensure the feasibility of the design solutions which we craft a 100 % customized for you.


After procuring the information and knowledge across all domains, it is important to analyze all the information procured to understand the business process and also then synthesize the observations in relevance to your business. This will help provide technical insight on the domain and help establish a roadmap.


The next step involves collating the analyzed data to define your needs in a human-centered problem statement. This statement will act as a guide for the team and you during the ideation process which will ensure our web design solutions cater to your core problems and needs.


The process starts with brainstorming and developing solutions keeping in mind the practicality and also the aesthetical appeal. The solutions are designed to be human-centric and empathetic enabled with visual elements that help the consumer prioritize. This hence ensures that the UI design solutions are customized specifically to suit you and your business needs.


The next step involves prototyping. The mockup of the final design solution is brought to life and brought to reality. We provide end to end services which include UX design processes like wireframing which will set the flow of the website, user testing to UI design process like interface design which would provide the visual elements, prototyping to final prototype development.


The final step is to beta test the product and once the product has surpassed the industry standards verification and testing we help you publish your website in the suitable platforms to reach your consumers